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IC3D Digital Platform is Democratizing Manufacturing for Everyone

Our Mission

IC3D is an on-demand manufacturing applications workshop converging traditional manufacturing process with digital 3D printing technologies. From materials creation and custom built 3D printing equipment to large object 3D printing and low volume production, IC3D’s open and collaborative culture is crafting next generation solutions.



Transform your designs into custom products.

We’ve got the 3D printing solution to help you create your polymer or metal prototype, whether it’s FFF,
SLA, MJM, DMLS, or powder / binder.

High quality 3D printing gear to support any project.

IC3D filament is developed exclusively for 3D printers and manufactured in the USA. 100% satisfaction
and a trouble-free experience are the core components of our culture.

Create Rapid Functional Plastic and Metal Parts using Additive Manufacturing.

Sheet metal, vacuum, injection molding, metal casting and composite parts. 3D printed tooling is utilized to
manufacture prototypes and low-volume production faster and more affordable than ever before.

3D modeling, 3D scanning, 3D printing, finishing and painting. We offer partial to full service to help you
create the prop you need for your cosplay costume or event.

We will provide our technical expertise to help design and implement your project.

With a team of engineering and industrial design talent originating from the automotive sector, IC3D
creates applications of 3D printing for product development, prototyping, and manufacturing.


3D Printing

Medium and Large
format,FFF, SLA, MJM,
or powder / binder

3D Modeling

Design, Scanning


Prototyping, Low
Volume Production, 3D
Printing Tooling, Plastic

Consulting for Additive
Manufacturing (AM)

Applications for AM,
Design for AM,
Equipment Support

Some Customers We’re Serving With 3D Printing


Sponsored Collaborators


IC3D uses Ingeo plastics

Ingeo biopolymer is the world’s first performance material whose manufacture shows a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Made from plants, not oil, Ingeo is derived from abundant 100% annually renewable plant resources.

How is Ingeo made?

Carbon is captured in these plant resources, sequestered from the atmosphere during plant photosynthesis and stored as plant starches. NatureWorks LLC uses dextrose derived from these starches as the starting point for Ingeo. Through a process of fermentation,
separation and polymerization, the carbon and other elements in these natural sugars are transformed into the family of Ingeo grades captured in this resin guide.

Environmental Benefits
  • Fewer greenhouse gas emissions
  • Less fossil fuel used
  • Made from plants – not oil
  • Peer reviewed and 3rd party validated eco-profile
  • Multiple end of life options after use
  • Cradle-to-cradle options