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IC3D teamed up with U.S. Marines Toys for Tots – Lima Company to Donate 150 First Ever 3D Printed Toys

Holiday cheer is in full swing with the Toys for Tots drive and we have a new elf among Santa’s toymakers.
This year, U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots will receive its first ever 3D printed toys. IC3D created this new campaign for toys by tapping into their national network of 3D printing hobbyists and makers to do the printing. Printers around the country have fired up their 3D printers for a good cause.

IC3D donated 3D printing filament to a handful of loyal community members across the U.S. who were willing to use their machines to make 150 toys. The toys were shipped to IC3D’s factory and then delivered to Toys for Tots central donation location at Rickenbacker Military Base

The toys are two different robot designs with arms and legs that move.

IC3D and U.S. Marines Corps, Lima Company are excited to be a part of this new opportunity for children to experience 3D printed toys, some kids maybe for the first time. We think Santa’s elves would approve of IC3D helping out.


IC3D’s newest 3D printer, CodeName “Rosie,” produces multiple toys in a fraction of time

Meet Our 3D Printing “Elves!”

Name: Chris Pelesky
Twitter: MChrisp1
Location: Maryland

Name: Clayton Parker
Twitter/YouTube : UncleJessy4Real / Uncle Jessy
Location: New York

Name: Glenn & Xander Shelton
YouTube: FunKing3D
Location: Florida

Name: Amie Dansby
Twitter/YouTube: amiedoubleD / Amie DD
Location: Texas

Name: Michael Pimentel
Twitter: MidknightGiant
Location: Massachusetts

Name: Jim Leemuis
Twitter: jimscuba2386
Location: Kentucky

Name: Shane La Haye
Twitter/YouTube: FromPrusaShane From Prusa Research
Location: Massachusetts

Name: Stephani Sharp
Twitter:  sharpstef
Location: Washington

The Official 2018 Toy:

The official 2018 toy was “Folding Robot-A,” “Folding Robot-MM,” and “Folding Robot-R.”  These models were designed by AUTOBOTO and the 3D models purchased from Fab365.

While IC3D serves primarily the manufacturing sector, its In-house 3D print materials production, large format 3D printing service and its network of 3D printing friends made this gift possible.

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