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3D Printed Tradeshow Giveaways

Everyone loves a good tradeshow. With the latest technology and product offerings it can be a great way to find new products and services. But with all the competing hype it can be hard to lure passersby to your booth.

Many companies use food and candy, or even clever costuming. Others use promotional giveaways such as key chains or corkscrews or other kitschy items. The problem with these standard promotional items is that they are easy to obtain. After all, if you’ve gotten a branded keychain/bottle opener from one exhibitor do you really need one from another?

But if you’re looking for a unique and attention-grabbing way to bring traffic to your booth and stand out then maybe 3D printing can offer you a unique giveaway and a great visual to kick your pitch into high gear. Promotional items are often used well beyond the tradeshow’s end with one study showing that eight in ten consumers owning at least one promotional item. Additionally, fifty three percent of consumers use a promotional product weekly.

The key to a good tradeshow giveaway is finding something other exhibitors don’t have. Some unique 3D printed suggestions for tradeshow giveaways include:

  • Assembly Cards: There are several great quickly printable cards that can show your brand that are fun to assemble as a puzzle. Items such as snap together bicycles, stick men statues, ear bud clips will all bring their thoughts back to you and provide them with something fun and tactile to experience.
  • Electronic Accessories: Smartphone kickstands and tablet stands are always a fun fine at a show.
  • Jewelry and Leisure: Pop out earing sets and pop out pendants as well as outdoor items like pop out golf tees will mean consumers are more likely to remember where the item came from after the show.

Finding the right tradeshow giveaway is a challenge. But there are many freely available sources online to help you develop or evolve an idea suited for your business. Once you find the right product, a 3D printing service bureau get you on your way to being the talk of the show.
IC3D is a one stop service bureau for your 3D printing needs. If you’re looking for custom designs, creative solutions and printing of your tradeshow giveaway ideas, contact us and our staff will be happy to help guide you to the solutions you need.

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