3D Printing Services Are A Valuable Solution For Entrepreneurs!

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3D Printing Services Are A Valuable Solution For Entrepreneurs!

Low volume production presents a challenge for entrepreneurs

3D printing services are a valuable solution for entrepreneurs who need to build quantities that are too large for a desktop 3D printer, but don’t require a high enough volume to hire a contract manufacturer.

Between budget constraints, lead times, and quality issues, it can seem nearly impossible to bring an idea to life in a useable, much less saleable, form. Inventors, makers, and business owners want and need a high quality, low volume, affordable solution.

A new way to explore your creativity.

3D printing offers a means by which to affordably create just a few units and run tests in order to effectively update the design. This isn’t an easy process when using the injection tooling process. In fact, with 3D printing, updating the design a number of times is easier, less expensive, and allows a great deal of creative problem solving to take place throughout the journey to a finished product.

While desktop 3D printers are relatively inexpensive, they usually aren’t large  enough to produce a build-run of a product or part. Depending on the quality of the printer and the size of the build plate, there may be issues with surface finish, consistency from print-to-print, and especially the time it takes to create the item. Larger build plates can accommodate higher quantities of parts in one build-run.

Bridging the gap between industrial machines that are only accessible inside factories and research facilities and the humble desktop 3D printer in the form of 3D printing services will be of great use to entrepreneurs who are ready to bring their ideas to life.

IC3D provides rapid prototyping services using a variety of additive manufacturing technologies including large format printers to produce your low volume product, tooling, jig and fixtures.

Visit us on the IC3D Website for a quote on a large project or on an individual piece.


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