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3D Printing Medical PPE and Other Items

IC3D Inc. is a 3D printing company that is working to support the medical industry by supplying PPE and other equipment during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.  There are currently numerous 3D printing designs out there for the needed equipment, each with a different level of risk.  We are currently focusing on producing FACE SHIELDS while considering MASKS and other items as more analysis is done to ensure safety. 

If you are a healthcare or first-responder organization in need of PPE or other items during the COVID-19 pandemic, please use form below to let us know what you need and IC3D will contact you.

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3D PRINTING BATTLING COVID in Columbus Ohio and Beyond – DONATE
3D printing is rapidly arming the medical community in Columbus, Ohio, and beyond with protective face shields and masks to battle through the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been heartwarming that so many of you have reached out to see what you could personally do to help. Ramping up 3D printing quickly is key to meeting the surge in demand for personal protection equipment – PPE.  Every tax deductible donation helps. United Way of Central Ohio has joined the fight with us!

Please donate at this link:

Be sure to mention #3D PRINTING BATTLING COVID in the notes below the payment information to ensure the donation gets routed to the proper campaign!

For 3D Printing People:

IF YOU ARE NOT IN CENTRAL OHIO:  We highly encourage you to reach out to your local healthcare systems and find the folks who handle procurement of PPE.  Helping your local folks also makes it more efficient with shipping costs and carbon emissions.

ABOUT THE NON-PRINTED PARTS:  IC3D has issued PO’s to order large amounts of die-cut plastic sheets, foam padding, and elastic band, in order to reduce cost and be able to supply folks who have 3D printers who want to get involved.  Some of these items have been received in part or in full.  Due to the ever changing nature of the COVID-19 situation, no one really knows how a certain quantity of materials will last.  However, IC3D’s plan is to provide these non-printed parts for FREE to folks with 3D printers but who are having difficulties in sourcing.  Since supply is limited, we probably won’t be able to support large groups, but we want to do the best we can.  Please sign up in the appropriate form above for more updates.

The following are changepoints from the “Budmen V3” to “IC3D Budmen Face Shield V1”:

  • Slot features for plastic shield to conform more around the head (requested by VHA)
  • Face shield recommended sheet thickness of 0.010″ to 0.030″ vs original spec of 0.005″ (requested by VHA)
  • Elastic band length reduction from 41″ to 18″, but utilizing two Strap Locks (conservation effort due to increased difficulty of sourcing)


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Jennifer Campbell, Anesthesiologist at Kettering Hospital (with permission to use photos)

Face Shield Assembly Instructional Video