Dayton Maker Mini Faire 2016!

>>Dayton Maker Mini Faire 2016!

Dayton Maker Mini Faire 2016!

Can a robot search for, locate, and harvest a perfectly ripe strawberry in the middle of the night? The engineers at Dayton robotics startup Adev Automation think it’s possible. This delicate crop must be hand-harvested, but shortages in harvesting labor means crops die in the field. These brilliant folks are currently developing a fleet of robots that will travel from one farm to the next harvesting strawberries.
Chocolate is a lovely gift. Custom-made chocolate made in your image using 3D printing technology is a truly unique gift. Lory Livezey, founder of Tinker Tuesday Meetup Group and web developer for MCM Electronics was struck by the possibility of a Tech-Art crossover project that will help introduce people to the Maker world in a fun and innovative way. Using iSense and her iPad, she created a file to export to STL and pull into a 3D printer. Lots of trial and error produced a fun human replica, cast in chocolate. 


Dayton Maker Faire

Strawberry sensing robots, human replica chocolate, hackable typewriters, and Maker Kits courtesy of the Dayton Metro Library helped to make the Dayton Maker Mini Faire 2016 a roaring success.


The Dayton area is overflowing with research institutions, makerspaces, and artist collaboratives. Our local inventors, engineers, and makers are bringing their visions and dream projects to life with desktop 3D printing. Here at IC3D Printing, we try to seize every opportunity to support people who have a passion for creating art, inventing solutions to problems, and taking 3D printing to the next level.

Our obsession with sharing knowledge, producing the highest quality filament, and pushing 3D printing into the future is the inspiration for everything we do. It is the driving force behind our support for every maker, from professional researchers to hobbyists and tinkerers.

IC3D was the official filament supplier for the Dayton Mini Maker Faire 2016 and we are looking forward to more maker fun at next year’s event!

Are you a tinkerer or inventor with an exciting project you’d like to share? Please reach out to us. We love to hear about what our fellow creatives, engineers, and makers are up to!


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