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3D Models

Pinshape :

Thingiverse :



Reprap Org :

Reprap Printer “Prusa Mendel” :

Reprap Printer “MendelMax” :

Extruder : 


Sanguinololu Board : 

RAMBo Board:

Arduino :

Software (3D Printer)

Cura (3D printer control):

Repetier (3D printer control):

Slic3r (slicing engine):

Firmware: (please use only the included firmware as it is tuned for our machines)

Software (3D Modeling)

FreeCAD :

SketchUp :

OpenSCAD :

MeshLab : (STL mesh editing, cleaning, healing, etc)

NetFabb Basic : (STL mesh viewer and auto repair.  Check out their mobile app as well!)

Onshape :