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3D Printing Service

IC3D uses state of the art equipment, software and the highest quality consumables to bring your designs to life. Select from a variety of materials, choose your specifications, upload your design and get a quote along with a free consultation of your project. Pricing includes a setup fee, time, materials, and shipping.  3D scanning service is also available.

  • Large 3D printers up to 48x48x42” build envelope

  • Printers use “open” consumables for most cost effectiveness

  • Part finishing available (smoothing, paint, etc)

  • Free consultation prior to start of job

  • 3D scanning capability

  • Operated by automotive engineers who understand stringent specifications

  • Inquire about a free sample of your job

  • Standard turnaround is within 1 week for small orders

  • Non-disclosure agreements welcome

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee or full refund- zero risk

Our Experience

Our engineers have over 15 years of combined experience in additive manufacturing from operating large scale industrial machines all the way down to open-source desktop 3D printers.  In addition, we have over 15 years of automotive OEM product design and development experience from concept to mass production, and a wealth of know-how with automotive plastics including designing for manufacturing and supply chain.

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of Automotive OEM R&D & Manufacturing
0 Years
of Plastic Injection Molding & Extrusion
0 Years
of 3D Printing
0 Years
of Race Car and Hybrid Vehicle Design and Build
0 Years
of Welding R&D

Our Printers

IC3D engineers and designers will work with you to craft a solution for you and your customers.  Our in-house capability includes large format FFF 3D printers that we’ve developed ourselves to significantly reduce job cost.  We already have proven 3D printing skills with all the know-how required to quickly create professional 3D prints with a variety of polymers.  If the solution you need is not in-house, we have a network of partners that cover all existing technologies.

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Terms of Use

I expressly warrant that the designs and specifications I submit to IC3D Inc. does not infringe any right, including any intellectual property right, of any third party. I shall hold harmless and indemnify IC3D Inc. against any losses, damages, liabilities and claims, including intellectual property infringement claims by third parties, arising out of or related to the designs and specifications I submit to IC3D Inc. or the service IC3D Inc. provides to me. IC3D Inc. provides 3D printing service based on my designs and specifications. IC3D Inc. specifically disclaims any liability to the fullest extent permitted by the law of each jurisdiction for incidental or consequential damages and assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of the use of my designs and specifications to provide its service. Any dispute arising out of or related to these terms of use shall be governed by Ohio law and be submitted to Ohio courts. These terms of use were last amended on 3/22/2017.

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