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IC3D Nylon Natural


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IC3D® – For 3D Printers, By 3D Printers (TM) Spend more time printing with high-quality 3D printer filament from IC3D®. IC3D® extrudes 3D printer filament in-house in Ohio, USA. Strict production standards for cleanliness and tolerance specifications ensure the diameter is within +/- 0.10mm and ovality (roundness) is within 4%. Quality is the top priority as each spool is hand checked, vacuum sealed with desiccant, and packaged. IC3D® filament is extensively tested with success on a variety of mainstream desktop 3D printers utilizing various extruder designs and hot-end styles. Every spool of IC3D® filament is backed by a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

  • 2lb of Nylon 3D printer filament | Similar to Taulman Bridge Nylon
  • Filament diameter is 1.75mm or 2.85mm +/-0.5mm, ovality (roundness) is within 4%
  • Printing Temperature range is 245 – 260C | Bed Temperature 40C – 70C
  • Made in the USA under strict quality standards
  • Compatible with the following 3D printers (with heated beds): RepRap, Afinia, MakerBot, PrintrBot, UltiMaker, Airwolf, Makergear, Up!, LulzBot, Flashforge, Solidoodle, 3doodler (pen), Delta, Mbot, Type A
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1.75mm, 3mm


1kg (2.2 lbs), 10kg (22 lbs)




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