IC3D Plastic Resin Pellets 3lb Jar 100% Virgin

>>IC3D Plastic Resin Pellets 3lb Jar 100% Virgin
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IC3D Plastic Resin Pellets 3lb Jar 100% Virgin


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  • 100% virgin black/natural ABS/PLA plastic resin
  • Used for experimenting with making your own 3D printer filament
  • “Fine” size pellets to ensure smooth extrusion with small extruders and screws / augers
  • Made for desktop extruders like Filastruder, Filabot, Lyman and Noztek
  • Made for pellet-based 3D printers

IC3D offers the same 100% virgin plastic resin that’s used in making our superior-quality 3D printer filament. These pellets can be used for your desktop filament extruder or pellet-based 3D printer. These are “fine” sized pellets which should work well with all desktop filament extruders (such as the Filastruder, Filabot, Lyman and Noztek) and pellet-based 3D printers. Desktop-extruding filament is mostly experimental, so your results may vary. We highly recommend some method of dr

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Black, Natural




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