Thank You Volunteer 3D Printer Elves

>>Thank You Volunteer 3D Printer Elves

Thank You Volunteer 3D Printer Elves

You did it! IC3D & 128 volunteer 3D printer elves donated material, their time, and expertise to 3D print over 17,000 toys for the third annual IC3D 3D Printed Toys for the Marine’s Toys for Tots campaign. These toys were delivered in person to Toys for Tots locations across Ohio and Michigan. This effort was enabled in part by NatureWorks and their generous donation of the resin used to create IC3D 3D printing filament. This achievement was made real by our generous & amazing 3D printer elves.

Facts & Figures

  • 128 volunteer 3D printer elves dedicated over 200 3D printers to the cause to produce an amazing 17,317 3D printed toys
  • Achieved over 115% of the 15,000 3D printed toys goal for 2020 or 10 times the amount of 2019 (1400)
  • Volunteers were located in 30 states
  • Seven schools participated from 6 different states:
    • Illinois
    • Michigan
    • New York
    • Ohio
    • Pennsylvania
    • Washington
  • Over 22,000 3D printer hours in total were donated to this cause
  • IC3D delivered 406 kilograms/895 pounds of 3D printing filament in 156 shipments to 128 3D printer elves
  • Over 459 kilograms/1011 pounds/half a ton of filament was used in total, including over 50kg of material donated by the elves themselves
  • Estimated filament length equivalent of approximately 100 miles
  • IC3D elves drove almost 1200 miles to deliver toys to Toys for Tots drop off locations across the Midwest


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