What is the Value of 3DPrinting?

>>What is the Value of 3DPrinting?

What is the Value of 3DPrinting?

The value of 3Dprinting comes in various approaches to how it is used in combination with traditional manufacturing.
Relative to making jigs and fixtures using traditional CNC machining process, 3D printing is faster and cheaper compared to machining them in house. However, the real cost difference comes when a company can free up their CNC machine for other more lucrative, higher volume jobs.

A 3D printed fixture with toggle clamps and insert nuts holding a cast piece ready to be machined

IC3D has successfully printed a number of jigs and fixtures for industrial clients. In most cases, they can be designed within hours and printed in the same day. 3D printing allows for multiple design iterations with a quick turnaround.
Using Multiple materials such as stock metal components and custom 3d printed plastic parts for the portion that interfaces with the part provides maximum flexibility to complete the job.

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IC3D provides rapid prototyping services using a variety of additive manufacturing technologies to produce your low volume product, tooling, jigs and fixtures. Contact us for an educational presentation or tour of our R&D facility in Columbus, Ohio.


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